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Khajjiar - Hill Station of Himachal Pradesh

Khajjiar is a slope station in Chamba region, Himachal Pradesh, India, found more or less 24 km from Dalhousie.

Khajjiar sits on a little level with a little stream-encouraged lake in the center that has been secured over with weeds. The slope station is encompassed by knolls and timberlands. It is around 6,500 feet (2,000 m) above ocean level in the foothills of the Dhauladhar scopes of the Western Himalayas and crests can be found in the distance. It is a piece of the Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary.

Khajjiar can be come to from Dalhousie, the closest real town and slope station, by transport in an hour or somewhere in the vicinity. It has an uncommon mix of three environments: lake, field and woodland.Smaller than normal Switzerland

On 7 July 1992, Mr. Willy T. Coat, Vice Counselor and Head of Chancery of Switzerland in India brought Khajjiar on the world tourism delineate calling it "Scaled down Switzerland". He additionally put a sign leading group of a yellow Swiss trekking pathway demonstrating Khajjiar's separation from the Swiss capital Bern-6194 km. Khajjiar is among the 160 areas on the planet that bear land similarity with Switzerland. The adviser likewise took from Khajjiar a stone which will shape some piece of a stone arrangement around the Swiss Parliament to help the guests to remember Khajjiar as a Mini Switzerland of India.Switzerland of Himachal Pradesh


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There is an inn and a few cabins keep running by HP Tourism at Khajjiar where the sightseers can remain. Other than that, there are two rest houses one each of P.W.D. what's more, Forest Deptt. A few private lodgings have additionally come up, which don't coordinate the above spots as far as area and amenities.


Most vacationers go to Khajjiar by private or leased vehicles. Transport administration to and from Khajjiar is restricted and timing changes as indicated by neighborhood demands.[7]

Spots of interest

The best diversion in Khajjiar is to stroll around the lake or to go for long strolls in the thick pine timberlands. Youngsters appreciate this spot in view of the flexibility of development and the slanted landscape which allows them to move down to the lake without getting hurt. Another fascination is stallion riding.

Dauladhar mountains: 

Thick deodars, pines and rich green knolls are normal for Khajjiar. Since Khajjiar is arranged at the base of the Dauladhar mountains, the sightseers here can get all encompassing perspectives of the mountains.

Khajjiar Lake: 

Khajjiar Lake is a little lake, encompassed by saucer-molded lavish green glade and a drifting island. The thick development of weed called vacha has made its earth light. Presently the banks stand secured by a thick layer of earth, shaped by the years of dust settling down on the weeds.

Khajjinag sanctuary: 

A bit far from the lake is the sanctuary of Khajji Nag having a place with the twelfth century AD. In the mandapa of the sanctuary one can see the pictures of the Pandavas and the crushed Kaurvas swinging from the top of the circumambulatory way. The sanctum of the sanctuary has been perfectly cut from wood. This sanctuary is devoted to wind (Nāga) venerate and there are some snake icons inside.


Khajjiar to Dainkund is a 3.5 kilometer simple to direct trek. The trek begins 6 kilometers from Khajjiar on the Dalhousie-Khajjiar street and closures at Pholani Devi Temple at Dainkund. This trek with an all around characterized trail and moderate climb is a magnificent trek for amateurs and youngsters. The trek offers superb perspectives and a wonderful campground


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